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Great simplicity compared to the Google Ads interface

Enjoy a simple interface to create structured and optimized campaigns in a few clicks.

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Simplified campaign creation

Use LovelyAds to quickly spread your Shopping campaigns.

Autonomous but well accompanied

Define the best strategy with the help of your dedicated Expert.

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Increase the profitability of your Google Shopping campaigns

Targeted distribution of your catalog

Whatever your field of activity, high-tech, fashion, sport, home universe ..., LovelyAds segment your catalog by product typology and by brand.

Library of automated rules

Schedule rules to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns: remove non-profitable keywords, exclude products that do not transform ...

Control the R.O.I of your ads

Adjust the profitability of your Shopping campaigns by optimizing the distribution of your daily budget.

Spread without limits

Suitable for large catalogs

A few minutes are enough to create segmented campaigns, even on a catalog of 500,000 products.

Multi Account Management

You have the possibility to manage the accesses (read access, administrator, client portfolio ...) of each member of your team.

LovelyAds invented the only Spread Management ™ software

LovelyAds increases the profitability of your Google Shopping campaigns by maximizing your visibility


Your Google Shopping campaigns in a few clicks


Streamlined interface to control your campaigns


Control the diffusion of your products


Effective rules to increase your R.O.I

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