Create and optimize immediately your Amazon Advertising campaigns

A unique creation system for your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns!

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Structure your campaigns

Structure easily your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns based on your site tree or brands.

Create your ads in just a few clicks

Define the structure of your campaigns, choose your ad groups, set your budget per campaign and a CPC per ad group.

Create automatic rules

Use the predefined rules or create automatic and personalized rules by campaign, ad group, product or keyword.

Analyze your results

Lower your Amazon ACoS!

Click-through rate, conversions, CPC … Follow closely the evolution of your Amazon Ads campaigns to optimize them and compare your ad groups.

Why use LovelyAds for your Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns?

+ 30%

Average sales

5 min

Creation time of your campaigns


Average conversion rate*

*found on a representative sample of Lovelyads users on Amazon

The necessary prerequisites

✓ Have an Amazon account

✓ Sell your products on the marketplace

Be eligible for the Amazon Buy Box

Don’t know what the Buy Box is? We explain everything in this article: Click here

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