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Google Shopping is already at the heart of your e-commerce strategy, but how can you get more?

Ecran résultats Google Shopping
Your e-commerce website
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Google gives Google Shopping ads a very important place in its results.
The potential of this advertising program continues to increase.

The competition is so present on Google Shopping that a solution like LovelyADS is becoming more and more essential to succeed.

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The creation of campaigns is done with a few clicks

Making effective ads on Google Shopping requires carefully structuring campaigns and ad groups by product type.

It’s long, but effective!

LovelyADS automatically structures your campaigns and stores transparently your products in these campaigns.

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interface LovelyADS Google Shopping

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Improving your profitability
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Automate the management of your campaigns

LovelyADS continuously optimizes the profitability of your Shopping ads

Keyword that does not convert? Product that sells poorly? The profitability of Google Shopping campaigns is obtained by adjusting your campaigns very regularly.

Imagine that a software does it for you.

LovelyADS improves campaigns based on your own criteria. You remain in charge but you make him do the thankless tasks!

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