Discover the Smart campaigns for
Amazon Advertising

LovelyAds revolutionizes Amazon Ads

The only intelligent campaigns for Amazon

Discover LovelyAds’ new feature: Smart campaigns, where self-learning is at the service of advertising.

With these new campaigns, you’ll be able to optimize your Amazon Sponsored Products campaign budget and improve your ACoS.

3 good reasons to use Smart for Amazon Advertising

It identifies your profitable products and keywords

One click is enough to create your Smart campaigns. Simply check the Smart option when creating Amazon Ads campaigns, LovelyAds takes care of the rest!

Smart Campaigns will then analyze the results of your campaigns in real time to select the most profitable products and keywords.

It dispatches your budget intelligently

For advertising campaigns to be profitable, you have to bet on the right products and give them more visibility on Amazon.

With the results obtained, LovelyAds will allocate the majority of your budget to the products that make the most sales. The promotion of your profitable products will therefore be optimized.

It is autodidact

Every day, the Smart campaigns analyze the performance of your advertising on Amazon. They will then adjust budgets to highlight strategic products.

A product in your Smart campaign is no longer profitable ? Don’t worry, it will no longer be a priority on the budget but the product will stay live without ruining yourself.